Andy Alexander

Chair, Journalism Advisory Committee

Visiting professional, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University.

Former ombudsman, Washington Post.

Beverly Atkins

Former Commissioner of Revenue for Rappahannock County

Co-chair, Camp Fantastic.  Co-Chair, Relay for Life

Ralph Bates

Former management consultant and community volunteer.

Treasurer, Headwaters Foundation. Board member, RAAC and RCCA.

Harold Beebout

Former director of research with Mathematica Policy Research.

Chief, Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad. Trinity Church. Lives off FT Valley Road.

Matthew Black

Senior economist, Mathematica Policy Research; Senior VP, SRA International.

Full-time resident. RAAC president. Sperryville Rescue Squad.

Jim Blubaugh

Former Assistant Inspector General, U.S. Dept .of State. Former Deputy Chairman for Intelligence Tasking, Director of Central Intelligence.

Lions Club.

T. Allan Comp, Ph.D.

Worked most in historic preservation and rural community development; founding director of the largest  AmeriCorps VISTA team with an environmental focus in the U.S.  Now retired.

Member of the Planning Commission for the Town of Washington

Elizabeth L. Dietel

Senior partner, Dietel Partners.

Board, CCLC.

Edward Dolnick

Author, former science writer, Boston Globe.

Chair, RAAC Second Friday series.

Jed Duvall

Former CBS News correspondent.

Co-founder, Radii Foundation (the precedent 501c3 for Foothill Forum).

Hal Hunter Ph.D.

Active community volunteer.

Food Bank founder. RappFLOW. RCCA. Co-citizen of the year, 2009.

Waldo Jaquith

Director, U.S. Open Data Institute.

Founder, The State Decoded and

Chris Johns

National Geographic Society.

Mike Mahoney

U. of Chicago educated; retired federal employee; public and private sector.

Rappahannock Lions, RAAC. Rappahannock NonProfit Organization.  Senior Warden of Trinity Episcopal Church.

Forrest Marquissee

Musician with Madonnas in the Field, videographer.

Curator of Young People.

Anne K. Robertson

Career Accountant and Auditor; former Senior Vice-President for Kerzner International.

Rappahannock County volunteer.

David Shaffer

Director, Rappahannock County Public Library.

Brian Wheeler

Cofounder of Charlottesville Tomorrow.

Former Albemarle County School Board member.

Monica Worth

President, Voice Associates. Past president, RLEP.

Ex-officio members

Dennis Brack

President and Publisher, Rappahannock Media.

John McCaslin

Editor, Rappahannock News

Walter Nicklin

Former Publisher, Rappahannock News

Roger Piantadosi

Former editor, Rappahannock News


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