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August News

Hello, Friends. Welcome Ben Peters! The early observations about life and local news from Ben Peters, newly arrived editor of the Rappahannock News, say a lot about our unique county and about Ben himself. Most formerly the associate editor of the weekly Athens (Ohio)...

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May News

As we head into the Memorial Day weekend and summer 2021 (hopefully featuring long-delayed, in-person gatherings among your families and friends), let us share a few insider news morsels. Detailing a unique partnership in local news “It’s about collaboration between a...

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April News

Donate from now until May 4 Spring brings to Rappahannock blossoming flowers and seasonal smells, farmers’ markets, hikers and bikers … and Give Local Piedmont! For eight years, the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation has sponsored this online fundraising campaign,...

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March News

 Introducing the Shoe Leather Fund -- A new way to support community news For seven years Foothills has supported in-depth, explanatory reporting while, at the same time, being agile and responsive to changing community needs (see C-19 Daily Update below). Now, in...

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January News

Introducing Jennifer Tepper Have you noticed the new, enhanced look of Foothills on Facebook and Instagram?  We have Jennifer Tepper to thank for revamping our social media presence. Many of you already know the highly creative Jennifer, who splits her time between...

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December News

“The one consistent thing is that the weather is more inconsistent” The final installment in the Foothills Forum-Rappahannock News special report on our county’s glorious natural environment was a probing article by Randy Rieland on “the new abnormal” of local climate...

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November News

Friends, We have much to be thankful for here in Rappahannock County, living among caring people in a beautiful natural setting. Housing:  A conversation on solutions The discussion at Foothills’ Nov. 17 virtual housing forum was vigorous, wide-ranging and...

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October News

NewsMatch:  The time is now! We have intentionally held our October newsletter to the last minute to properly announce the start of NewsMatch 2020! For two months --- from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31 – donors to Foothills Forum will see their individual contributions, up to...

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September News

“Home Sweet Home?” Housing in Rappahannock is limited and expensive. Rentals are even more limited in supply than houses, and home values are higher than in most neighboring counties and (far above) the national median. These are among the key findings in Home Sweet...

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Margaret Sullivan Discussion

On September 11th, we were delighted to host a discussion between author and columnist Margaret Sullivan and our own Andy Alexander.  Sullivan, Washington Post media columnist and former New York Times public editor, is one of the nation’s leading voices championing...

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C-19 Daily Update

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