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Rappahannock News wins Virginia Press honors

Rappahannock News wins Virginia Press honors The Rappahannock News received several top awards at last weekend’s annual Virginia Press Association convention near Richmond, including being the smallest newspaper in the state recognized with a “Best in Show” honor. All...

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Civil consideration of our county’s future

+ Opinion. By Bud Meyer, Foothills Forum chair If there are doubts about how many people care about the beauty of Rappahannock County, its agricultural base and its economic future, Sunday afternoon's forum dispelled them quickly. Despite a 2 p.m. Sunday start time...

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Summer Interns, Apply Within

Are you a budding journalist with multimedia chops?  If so, this opportunity is right in your viewfinder.  Imagine yourself interning this summer at a small weekly newspaper in the jewel of Virginia — Rappahannock County. You could really make your mark in this...

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Serve your community on broadband committee

The Rappahannock Board of Supervisors has announced a search for county residents willing to volunteer for an ad hoc broadband committee. Compliments to County Administrator Debbie Keyser for proposing the committee. Citizens interested in serving should send a cover...

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Spotlight on a rare double bill

Imagine watching the recent big-screen release of Sully, then hanging out and chatting about heroism with Capt. Chesley Sullenberger himself. Sort of a cool double feature, right? That kind of twin bill lies ahead Friday when Washington Post executive editor Martin...

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Annual check-up

A goodly number of Foothills Forum folks gathered for our second annual meeting Saturday at the only-in-Rappahannock County home of our super treasurer, Mary Frances leMat (and her husband, Chief Harold Beebout; thanks, MF and H!). The turnout was rewarding with many...

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Unplugged Intern Experiences

Guest blog post from Foothills Forum intern, Julia Fair, at her midway point. At school, If I’m late to an interview, it’s usually because my professor kept us in our seats late. In Rappahannock County, it was because a cow was in the middle of the road. In the cow's...

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Welcome to Rappahannock, Julia!

Foothills Forum welcomed our (first annual) summer intern on Memorial Day weekend.  Julia Fair joins us from Athens, Ohio where she’s entering her third year at Ohio University's E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.  Julia came to Rappahannock by way of Bev Jones and...

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