This — January 23-31 — is News Literacy Week.  Please join us in this essential, democratic movement!

News literacy is the ability to distinguish between truth and fiction – and between credible, verifiable news over false information and disinformation.  News literacy is essential to an informed citizenry and to a healthy democracy.

It’s exciting. So much is happening to increase youth’s understanding of what is truthful and what is not.

 Also, learn about how another Western society — Finland — has built news literacy into its school curricula.


         Community support for the nonprofit, nonpartisan Foothills Forum provides research and reporting about Rappahannock County matters.

Local news is more important than ever.  The COVID-19 crisis brings this home every day.  Foothills Forum raises community support for fact-based, in-depth coverage of the issues we care about in Rappahannock County.  We’re a nonprofit, independent civic news organization promoting engagement, research and solutions.
Why? because a more informed, engaged community makes better choices and decisions for the long term.
We surveyed the county, asking people what they think about our future.  Our award-winning reporting on broadband, education, public safety, the environment and our rural economy is published via an agreement with Rappahannock Media (The Rappahannock News, Piedmont Virginian magazine and its online sites).


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