Fundraising, donations and donor transparency

Foothills Forum exists thanks to community support and volunteer efforts. Our directors and advisors are all volunteers. Funding for general operations and for the programmatic research and reporting on Rappahannock matters comes from the following sources:

  • Any citizen or friend of Foothills’ mission can become a member for one year with a contribution starting at $25. Membership benefits include inclusion in our e-newsletter mailing list. Member donors of $75 or more receive an invitation to our annual meeting.
  • Sustainers are citizens willing to contribute $1,000 or more over three consecutive years. We prefer sustainers to fund without restriction.
  • We take part in the Give Local Piedmont online day of giving each May. GLP Donors can contribute anything from $10 and up, but a $25 pledge includes membership.
  • Though not required, we encourage our directors to contribute financially to the degree they are able. Similarly, any advisor to Foothills is welcomed to contribute financially to the degree they are able. We value their volunteer service and expertise.
  • We have received unsolicited foundation funding ($15,000 for capacity building) from the PATH Foundation (previously Fauquier Health Foundation). We anticipate developing project and programmatic funding requests from foundations that align with our nonpartisan mission.

Foothills Forum lists all members and sustainers, alphabetically without reference to amount, on our website (www.foothills-forum.org). Foothills will update the donor list annually in advance of the annual meeting.


Conflict of interest

Directors and advisors should not have any financial stake in any current or potential media/news/research affiliate working with Foothills Forum.

Rappahannock Media and the UV Center for Survey Research are currently our only media/news/research affiliates.

The secretary will send out an annual conflict of interest letter (commencing at the time of the annual meeting) to directors, advisors, ex officio advisors and sustainers assuring there are no conflicts of interest.

Independent contractors and consultants working on projects with Foothills Forum should have no financial stake in those aforementioned affiliates.

Ex officio advisors include people with financial or employment stakes with the aforementioned affiliates. Foothills keeps them apprised of meetings, developments and policies on an FYI basis.


Financial disclosure

Our IRS 990 is posted on our website (www.foothills-forum.org)


Nonprofit status/Nonpartisan journalism

Foothills is a nonpartisan, apolitical 501(c)(3) nonprofit operating in Rappahannock County, Va. We are a Virginia-based nonprofit and file all necessary reports with the proper state agencies. The four-page agreement with Rappahannock Media describes the research and reporting (content) produced by Foothills Forum and includes a firewall protecting the journalistic integrity of the company’s news operation. The agreement is posted on our website (www.foothills-forum.org).

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