Foothills Forum Survey


The Foothills Forum Survey was developed with the University of Virginia’s Center for Survey Research, led by some of the best academic researchers in the Old Dominion.

The Foothills Forum Survey is an effort to reach all of Rappahannock County and gather facts about our common future: Satisfaction with services, quality of life, concern about issues we confront.

We did not want to presume what the highest priority issues are.

The survey was mailed to every Rappahannock household last fall with a mailbox or P.O. box. Read the Frequently Asked Questions for details.

The Rappahannock News published the first of an in-depth, three-part series on the survey — “Life in the ‘Jewel of Virginia'” — beginning April 14, 2016. The second and third parts will run the following weeks.

Visit to read the series.

The pull-down menu includes a short summary, the full report, the Center for Survey Research Methodology report, and the fascinating answers from the community to the survey’s open-ended questions about what respondents MOST and LEAST like about life in Rappahannock.



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