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In coordination with the Rappahannock News, Foothills Forum has provided the resources for in-depth, explanatory reporting projects on issues county residents care about.

The News published two projects in 2016. The first, a three-part series published in April, reported by veteran Associated Press Washington Bureau staffer Christopher Connell, delved into the findings of the Foothills Forum Survey. See Overview of the Survey Findings.

The second, a three-part series published in August, brought local resident and veteran reporter Randy Rieland to the pages of the newspaper to delve into the survey’s Top Two local issues: internet broadband and cellphone coverage. See Broadband and Cell Coverage.

As we kicked off 2017, Randy Rieland brought us another expertly reported series, published in March.  This two-part series, based on more than 35 interviews, focused on the challenges the community faces in protecting its scenic richness and unique rural identity, and also explored how it might evolve without losing what makes Rappahannock so special.  See Land Use, Economic Life, and the Comprehensive Plan

This three-part series, published in August 2017, took a look at the future of health care in Rappahannock.  An aging volunteer, emergency services corps; poor access to health services; and transportation issues just a few of the issues.  There are positive trends in RappU’s home health aide training, RCPS’s Commit to be Fit and other nonprofits trying to tackle the issue.  See A Troubling Diagnosis.  

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