Deadlines are no biggie for journalists, right?

Now’s the time to get your name in the running to fill a full-time Report for America reporting position at The Rappahannock News. Only twist: Applications are open through Jan. 31. Technically, tomorrow. Deadline, right?

The News and Foothills Forum are participants in the prestigious 2020-21 RFA program, and the search is on to fill this year-long reporting gig to start June 1. RFA, which provides 50 percent of the position’s salary, is filling some 250 jobs in 164 newsrooms nationwide. The News-Foothills entry is Virginia’s lone host.

“We are looking for talented, ethical, insanely hard-working, gutsy, open-minded, service-oriented journalists to inform communities and hold powerful institutions accountable,” says RFA.

You may already know we’re “the jewel of Virginia.” Along with this unique job comes training, mentoring, housing, benefits and work on in-depth projects at an award-winning weekly. Apply here: