At 9 a.m. last Friday morning, Foothills Forum and Rapp News were joined by 30+  Rappahannock friends and neighbors for a special  addition of the Fourth (Estate) Friday coffee hour.  It was standing room only as the subject drew twice the normal crowd (not including streaming on Facebook Live(!))


Roger Piadtadosi, editor of Rapp News, and reporter Randy Rieland kicked-off the discussion on internet and cell with a brief background on early reporting on Rapp’s connectivity issues.  Randy fielded questions on his findings and facilitated an informative and thoughtful discussion among attendees.


As many in the crowd noted, what Rappahannock’s looking at is a nuanced approach that weaves in our rural values and desire to remain viable.  The group left encouraged and enthusiastic to continue the pursuit of solutions to Rappahannock’s cell and broadband issues.


Thank you Tula’s Restaurant and Bar for providing the beautiful space and coffee and to Before & After for the delicious treats!

Randy’s second installment in the three-part series will run Thursday, August 4th in the Rappahannock News.