Introducing Jennifer Tepper

Have you noticed the new, enhanced look of Foothills on Facebook and Instagram?  We have Jennifer Tepper to thank for revamping our social media presence.

Many of you already know the highly creative Jennifer, who splits her time between Rappahannock and southwestern New Mexico.  She is an originator of websites and a social media marketing specialist for several local organizations.

A fine artist who focuses on abstracts and abstract landscapes in oil and acrylic, Jennifer participated in the annual Studio Tour of the Rappahannock Association for Arts and Community (RAAC) for several years. She has also worked in pen and ink, colored pencil, and ceramic wheel throwing and sculpture.

Welcome, Jennifer!

Northern Piedmont Community Foundation supports the C-19 Daily Update, again

How many Rappahannock residents have tested positive for Covid-19? Am I eligible to get the vaccine?  How can I sign up for the vaccine?  Why does one need two shots?

Whatever the Covid need or news, you can find it every week in the Rappahannock News — and EVERY DAY in the electronic Daily C-19 Update.

In the tumultuous days when the pandemic first hit last spring, the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation speedily established an Emergency Response Fund to meet immediate, unforeseen Covid needs. The Daily C-19 Update, a joint project of Foothills and the Rapp News, was born. Today more than 1,100 readers receive the Update in their mail, and 45% open it each day (a remarkably high rate for e-newsletters).

Now, NPCF has done it again, providing critical financial support for the continuation of the Daily C-19 Update in the first six months of 2021.

Thank you, Northern Piedmont Community Foundation!

Andy Alexander joins Foothills leadership

Foothills Forum is pleased to report that Andy Alexander, Rappahannock resident and former Washington Post ombudsman, has joined its board of directors.

“Few journalists merit the acclaim Andy Alexander receives from peers, readers and even newsroom competitors for the key leadership roles he’s played in the global news community over the decades,” says Larry “Bud” Meyer, board chair and co-founder of Foothills. “Fortunate for us, Andy has increasingly played just such a role with Foothills Forum. We are most fortunate to have Andy join our board and leadership.”

Well known to Foothills, Andy has co-directed our research and journalism committee with Stephen Brooks for several years.

Before joining the Post, Andy was a reporter and later Washington bureau chief for Cox Newspapers, writing from more than 50 countries, and serves on the board of the Committee to Protect Journalists.  A member of the National Freedom of Information Act Hall of Fame, Andy is also a visiting professional at the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University, his alma mater.

Welcome, Andy!