The Foothills Forum team took a key stride in developing our Rappahannock County Survey when a dozen local residents joined us last week at the library to kick its tires.

The 12 volunteer citizens participated in the pretest by taking a draft version of the survey and answering the approximately 60 questions. Afterward, they gave confidential feedback to the University of Virginia Center for Survey Research staff visiting from Charlottesville. I was part of a small group of Foothills Forum directors and workers present as nonparticipating observers.

 (That confidentiality explains why you don’t see pictures from the evening, but imagine a big table with everyone present getting a chance to be heard). 

The county was well represented within the group — different places, diverse interests and a range of ages. They enthusiastically worked together to tailor survey questions and make them more representative of the concerns and issues important to Rappahannock residents.

We offer a big thank you to everyone who came out to support Foothills Forum in the spirit of thoughtful and inclusive community dialogue.

Next up: Finalizing the survey with UVA and prepping it for distribution next month!

And that’s where you all will get your chance to lend your voice on county interests and issues. So plan to open the survey when it arrives, fill it out and MAIL IT BACK!

Every voice at the table, indeed!