We took some time yesterday and today to make sure we had all the facts before responding to comments about us. Thanks for waiting.

What follows is full disclosure from Foothills Forum. Just the facts.

We were legally formed as a group known as Foothills Forum in September 2014.

We were legally established as a nonprofit in November 2014.

We’re based on another nonprofit and have their EIN number, based in D.C.

We’re new and small.

Once we took over, we dropped the ball on an IRS filing. We filed our 2014 Form 990 late, unaware the prior nonprofit hadn’t filed their annual tax forms the previous two years. We should have known.

We found this out at the end of August in an IRS letter revoking our tax-exempt status.

We immediately investigated to see what had happened.

We promptly prepared and filed the application with the IRS to get the tax-exempt status reinstated.

Those forms are being processed by the IRS now. We don’t know how long that will take.

Once they are processed, we expect that our tax-exempt status will be reinstated.

The reinstatement is retroactive, so it is as if it never occurred.

We’re able to continue with projects like the Foothills Forum survey. We’ve heard today that the Center for Survey Research is very pleased with the response they’re getting.

So are we.

This info and more is now on our website, too, in the About section.