I’ve learned a great many things taking photos of dozens of Rappahannock County citizens as part of my work with Foothills Forum. (Go check them out on our Facebook page).

The good folks (some dear old friends and some new acquaintances) welcomed me, heard me out, then willingly took the white erase board and wrote their own thoughtful sentiments about Rappahannock County. Only a handful of folks who just don’t like their photos taken said no, politely. Those who posed offered unique, very personal comments that add up to a lot of love. Collectively, they are:

  • Optimistic about our future.
  • Thoughtful … spontaneous.
  • As it turns out, most of us have similar concerns and hopes for the future of Rappahannock. They’re grateful for a chance to chat about all manner of things with them.
  • Reflective of where we live. It’s been really meaningful for folks to help put a face on Foothills.
Siblings Ninie and Noel Laing, "Dirt roads are still the best!"

Siblings Ninie and Noel Laing, “Dirt roads are still the best!”

In an increasingly digital world, it’s refreshing to put a human face to our work. These pictures are of our friends and neighbors. It’s a way for all of us to feel more connected — that’s the beauty of a community engagement effort.  We believe this approach encourages everyone to be more involved in the Foothills Forum process and stay connected as a community. It supports the Foothills goal of bringing EVERY VOICE TO THE TABLE.  We’ll carry on with the photo series highlighting our love for Rappahannock County and thoughts on its future.


The last survey mailing arrived late last week in mailboxes and P.O. boxes to those who initially did not respond. Everyone has until Dec. 11, next Friday, to mail your surveys back to Charlottesville.


Librarian Dave, "Keep Rappahannock reading".

Librarian Dave, “Keep Rappahannock reading!”