Here’s the new game plan:  provide resources to the Rappahannock News to help it serve as our community’s 24/7 reliable news outlet during the COVID-19 situation.  Sara Schonhardt is reporting for the paper on a daily basis and her articles are being posted on as soon as they’re available.  Read Sara’s article on how Rappahannock farmers are responding to changing community needs.

(Pictured at right, Eric of Waterpenny Farm tending to greenhouse seedlings. PC: Waterpenny Farm for Rapp News).

Randy Rieland has cut short his leave and Tim Carrington will have stories as soon as next week. Bob Hurley will continue to work on doer profiles and contribute to other projects.

We’re coming at this from a number of different angles to help fill the coverage gaps.  Keep reading for updates and developments as we find our way forward as a community.